Gold in Ireland

Ireland has always been prospective for gold and continues to have a significant number of prospectors throughout Ireland. Since the 1790’s the Mines River area has been synonymous with gold. A number of finds of alluvial gold in rivers and streams in the area resulted in the ‘Avoca Gold Rush’ in the late 1700’s - early 1800’s. The British sent a detachment to control the situation but the soldiers joined the panning.  It was a short lived boom but since then numerous unsuccessful attempts have been made to find the mother lode.It is said that Charles Stuart Parnell panned the river behind his house, Avonmore, in the Wicklow hills, until he had enough gold to make a wedding ring for Kitty O’Shea.  In recent years a Garda in Naas using a metal detector found in the Wicklow hills some large beautiful nuggets.

Connemara Mining has always been a big believer in ‘closeology’ i.e. the best place to find gold is where gold has already been discovered.  There is significant information on the prospectivity of the area as earlier explorers had previously spent a significant amount of money looking for the source of the Avoca gold rush. New technology and new eyes, through the partnership with Hendricks Resources, has meant that this area has once again become a highly prospective opportunity.

The most immediate prospect for a significant gold mine is Currinahault in Co Tyrone, operated by Dalradian, a Toronto listed company run. Gold grades of over half an oz per tonne suggest that a significant gold mine could evolve. Conroy Gold and Diamonds has been exploring for gold in Monaghan/Fermanagh for some years where a large low grade deposit has been outlined. IMC, an Irish company and TNR Gold, a Vancouver company, hold ground in Wicklow/Wexford. Both companies are searching for the source of the 1796 alluvial gold discoveries.



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