Thurles Block

The Thurles Licence Block is located 5km south of the Lisheen Mine in County Tipperary. It consists of 3 licenses and has been held by Connemara since 2008. Located along the southern edge of the Regional Rathdowney basement lineament, the block is dominated by a south-westerly plunging syncline. Argillaceous Bioclastic Limestones in the SE are overlain by target horizon Waulsortian Limestones, in turn overlain by Shelf Limestones. The principal structural grain runs NE-SW with NW-SE offsets.

Three diamond drillholes were completed during 2011. These were targeted on regional geophysics and the detailed IP surveys of 2010. There was no mineralization intersected in these holes and only minor Brecciation. Hole C-3321-2 intersected a strongly broken zone, particularly from 100m, interpreted as a fault zone. Further targets have been identified on PL1577.

A further hole was drilled on PL1577 in 2012. Extensive cavities and brecciation in the overlying shelf limestones suggest that this hole was drilled at a fault zone, most likely trending NNW (from detailed historic Anglo American gravity survey). The hole was abandoned before reaching the target Waulsortian Reef due to technical problems. The structural information provided by this drillhole is an interesting development and will be included in the ongoing   targeting strategy and regional modelling.

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Thurles Licenses, GSI 1:100,000 Geology, Historic drilling (BlackPoints), CMC Drilling (Red)


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